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Bec Cody left school early and did a hairdressing apprenticeship at Cooleman Court. She worked hard, opened her own salon, and managed a small business. As a small business owner who paid staff right, and provide a safe workplace, she’s horrified to hear of the widespread wage theft going on today. It hurts working people and takes money out of the pockets small business customers.

Bec has seen the ups and downs of the Southside of Canberra. From the mass lay-offs in Woden in the 1990s to the recovery and construction boom happening today. Whilst the Federal Government put Canberra here, it’s been a bad boss in recent decades. They pulled out the NCDC money, and now they want to pull out the jobs. Bec knows the future on our community is in a diverse economy that can stand on its own two feet.

Bec has seen the wrong side of domestic violence and come through the other side. She knows how tough it is to raise boys as a single mum, and the importance the whole community plays in supporting families. She knows the support that participation in community sport, like Park Runs and Triathlons has provided her, and wants to make sure every Canberran can participate. Being involved in the community and meeting like minded people offered support during some of the toughest times in her life.

Bec Cody is an advocate, happy to take up the fight for outsiders, and say truth to power.